Small Business People: 2 Ways a Customs Broker Can Help You

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At one time, before ships, trains and aeroplanes, humankind didn't really need to worry about importing and exporting goods over national borders. However, in today's world, even the smallest business may be shipping products which are advertised on its website to customers all around the globe or importing products in bulk from a factory in China. This fact means that it is becoming increasingly likely that people will run up against various issues relating to customs and border checks. Below is a guide to two problems you may experience when importing or exporting goods, along with details of how a customs broker can help you to avoid or solve them. 

The stuff you are trying to export, or import keeps getting held at the border

Borders are funny old things. In reality, they are just an arbitrary line drawn on a map hundreds of years ago, but if you try to send goods or people across this imaginary line, a very real man wearing a uniform may cause you a few problems. These problems often arise because of the pages and pages of paperwork which often need to be filled out as part of the export/import process. If you make one small mistake, you could find your goods held up at the border. The best way to prevent this is to make sure that everything you submit is perfect. And the best way to ensure that everything you submit is perfect is to hire a customs broker. Because a customs broker is specially trained, they will know exactly how to prepare the paperwork and which labels need to be displayed on the packages you are importing or exporting, which will drastically reduce the chance of your stuff being held up at the border.

You keep getting letters saying you owe additional money as an import or export tax

Governments like to make money in any way that they can, which means that if they can tax something, they probably will, and if they can tax something twice, they will probably try to do so. Import and export taxes are based on the declared value of the product entering or exiting a country and by each country's relationship to each other. For example, items shipped between European Union member states will not incur any tax. A customs broker can help you to cut your tax bill by suggesting better routes by which you can post your products to reduce any fees.

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