Ever Consider a Container Home?

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Ever consider building a unique and eco-friendly abode with recycled materials? Or perhaps you are in the midst of moving overseas and are at a loss at where to begin? You may be surprised to learn that an answer to both of these very different questions could be the wonderfully pragmatic and often unconsidered shipping container! Most are aware of the usefulness of obtaining a shipping container for hire when they want to move a large amount of things safely, but have you ever considered constructing your home from a shipping container?

Shipping Container Trend

Shipping containers are generally associated with grayness and industry, but an increasing numbers of creative minds have been utilizing the practical shipping container to construct everything from houses to cafes! Shipping containers are durable, simple rectangular structures that you can place design and arrange to your liking in order to build an unusual and striking building.

Shopping for a Shipping Container

First, you need to locate a shipping container for sale. Containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can shop around to find whatever suits your needs. If you want to build a spacious house, consider purchasing two 40ft containers; this gives you lots of different options. Depending on the space you have available, you can arrange them alongside each other, in an L-shape, or on top of each other to create a second level to your building.

Decorating the Space

A container's interior generally has vertical beams stretching the length of the floor; if you decide not to cover over these with flooring, consider flipping the container around. Paint or cover the beams and hangs some dangling lights. This cool trick creates more depth to your ceiling. It's a simple way to spruce up the interior without going through a lot of effort. As for the exterior, layering the metal sheets with wooden paneling can make your container look warm and inviting. Consider an attractive and affordable wood, such as spruce, and varnish it before arranging it to your liking, vertically or horizontally. 

The DIY element of a container construction, means that you have countless different ways to change and experiment with your new building. Unlike building something from scratch, with a container you already have the basic structure in place, it is like a blank canvas—yours to chop and change as much as you like! So why not consider recycling and transforming the simple shipping container from a metal eyesore to a beautiful eco-friendly home!